Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013

I like that somebody wants to level the playing field between the local retailer down the street and Amazon or Ebay. You see Amazon, Ebay and the rest have an advantage at finding customers because the customer may not pay sales tax on the purchase. Oh, sales tax is required by law, it is just […]

Right to Vote

All citizens should cherish and exercise their right to vote, but while it is our right, it does not mean this is effortless. Consider the men and women who have fought and died to obtain and protect our form of citizen-based government. As Lincoln, our first Republican President reminded us, this is “government of the […]

School Board

The Francis Howell School Board and Missouri State Representative Bryan Spencer is at odds about the possibility that Mr. Spencer can take a leave of absence to serve the citizens of Missouri and return to the classroom after term limits force him out of office. After speaking with several board members, I found out there […]