Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013

I like that somebody wants to level the playing field between the local retailer down the street and Amazon or Ebay. You see Amazon, Ebay and the rest have an advantage at finding customers because the customer may not pay sales tax on the purchase. Oh, sales tax is required by law, it is just the very few if any report it and pay it on our own.

I’m not in favor of taxes, new or existing but if the retailer down the street must collect in and pay it, then the retailer in California, New York or New Delhi should pay the same so that capitalism competes on a level playing field.

The Marketplace Fairness Act looks like it will do this. However I am worried about data – tax rates – being distributed and updated and the general involvement of the Federal Government. When was the last time the Federal Government did something for us without taxing us for the privilege. My fear, and it may be unfounded, is that before too long, the Feds will want a cut of this billion dollar pie.

I’ve sent an email to Ann Wagner’s and Roy Blunt’s staff with my views. Please take a look and voice your concerns to your representative and senators too.

Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013

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