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The Francis Howell School Board and Missouri State Representative Bryan Spencer is at odds about the possibility that Mr. Spencer can take a leave of absence to serve the citizens of Missouri and return to the classroom after term limits force him out of office.

After speaking with several board members, I found out there is a Form 510 (Form 0510 for policy 4320) to submit suggestions for changes to school policy, I filled it out and gathered extra signatures. (See the comment in Why Write.)

This submission included the policy and regulation suggestions:

Proposed Policy 4320

Proposed Regulation 4320

I have received an email from the FHSD Policy Committee Chairman, Ray Eernisse, that the recommendation will be reviewed at the March 4th policy committee meeting and then on April 4th presented to the Board of Education for a first reading. Then the policy will be part of the April 18th school board meeting for a second reading and vote for approval.

Will our suggestion pass? Who knows. Will it be considered and debated? The future looks bright.

Tom Klein

Elect Tom Klein

Update: 02/16/2013

One thing I didn’t mention is that the Form 510 was unknown to me when I started down this path. It was mentioned by the FHSD BOE President at a meeting at a meeting I attended. So I contacted the BOE Secretary, Patti Knight and she sent me a copy.
Since then I have been assured by Ray Eernisse, the Chief Information Officer that this form will be posted on the FHSD website so that people like you can get involved


Update: 02/28/2013

Get involved!

There is a Policy Board meeting on March 4th. Before that date, take a moment and write an email to the leadership of that committee. Please consider recommending the policy in general and not its application to any specific individual.


Mr. Hodits can be reached at

Mr. Eernisse can be reached at

Mr. Supple can be reached at

All Members
Marty Hodits, Board Representative
Ray Eernisse, Chairperson

Lisa Blaha Sherri Brown Ray Eernisse Dr. Will Vanderpool
Marty Hodits Dr. Ted Huff Kevin Supple
Deborah Nichols Dr. Jennifer Patterson Anita Miller


Update: 04/05/2013

Ray Eernisse let me know that Mother Nature snowed out the last Policy Committee meeting. This policy will be on agenda of the next committee meeting on April 15th.

This means this is up for the first reading to the board on May 16th.

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