Writing Letters

There is something special about the US Postal Service. The folks at UPS or FedEx may be quicker, cheaper and even more reliable, but there is something special about putting an address on an envelope, sticking on a few (well more than a few) cents in postage and letting it go into a mailbox. I guess it is why people raise homing pigeons. Point it in the right direction, let it go and watch the miracle happen.

In today’s world, no one will argue that the email is the method of choice. Expediency, price, reliability and feedback when it fails, all make email the de facto standard of modern ‘text’ communications. However the impact that is made by holding a piece of paper in your hand, that I once held in my hand, with a scribble of ball point ink, personalizing the process, sealing the deal, makes the old fashion letter, well, better I guess.

So I’ve started writing letters.

I find I’ve been listening to news more often recently. I’m not sure if it is because I’m getting older or the population in general is getting more engaged. Harsh times make everyone look for answers so I think we’re all listening, to the politicians, the news outlets and to each other.

Facebook with my friends and family has hosted some lively conversations lately, but we can all talk amongst ourselves and nothing every really changes. Sure, we can elect new leadership from time to time, but there are long spells in between. Not all leadership in our country comes from elected officials anyway. As I said, we look to those on the news programs too.

I mailed my first letter today. I’ll blog about it next, but as I sat at my desk, working for a living, I saw the mailman drop by my mailbox, notice the flag, open the door and start the letter on its journey across country. It will be there in a few days. The recipient will know that I heard them speak on the television, thought about what they said, agree with some things and disagree with others. Most importantly, I want to start a dialog. It is the first step to compromise and the mortar in the foundation of change.

As I write to people you know, if you want to copy what I’ve sent and send your own letters too, please do. I reserve the rights of all materials publish herein, but I grant you personal, non-commercial access to any of my writings if you want to send along your ‘two-cents’ too, because when it comes to dialog, the more the merrier.

If you have something worth posting, let me know. Perhaps I can accommodate your thoughts if you want to share. If you wish to comment on my letters, feel free.

Let’s talk. Let’s change. Let’s make a difference.

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